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GB-190409515-A: Improved Means for Printing Borders on Photographs. patent, GB-190413809-A: Improved Means of Detachably Fastening Covers to the Basins or Bodies of Pudding Steamers, Dinner Carriers, and the like. patent, GB-190413892-A: Improvements in Appliances for Extracting Moisture from Air and Feeding such Air to Blast or other Furnaces or Converters or for other purposes. patent, GB-190415176-A: Improvements in and relating to the Manufacture of Vitreous Cement. patent, GB-190415947-A: Improvements in Ventilating Fans. patent, GB-190416733-A: Improvements in Adjustable Brackets patent, GB-190416862-A: Improvements in and relating to Drums and other Liquid Containers patent, GB-190418021-A: Improvements in Insulating Electric Conductors. patent, GB-190418125-A: An Improved Geyser for Heating Water. patent, GB-190418929-A: patent, GB-190419151-A: Case for Holding and Sterilizing Surgical Instruments. patent, GB-190419199-A: Improvements in and connected with Hooks, Pegs, and the like. patent, GB-190421046-A: Improvements in Fireproof Floors and Ceilings. patent, GB-190422075-A: Improvements in or relating to Burners or Burner Supply Conduits. patent, GB-190422861-A: Penholder with Pens giving off Different Inks. patent, GB-190424269-A: Improvements in Clips Employed in Tentering Machines for Stretching, or Finishing, Textile Fabrics. patent, GB-190425794-A: Improvements in Door Opening and Closing Devices. patent, GB-190427489-A: Improvements in Non-slipping Heels for Boots. patent, GB-190427615-A: Improvements in or relating to Vehicle Wheels. patent, GB-190427643-A: Improvements in Pickers for Looms for Weaving patent, GB-190427728-A: Improvements in and connected with Conveyors or Apparatus for Transferring Goods from Place to Place. patent, GB-190427948-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Aerating Liquids and Distributing them over Large Areas. patent, GB-190429170-A: Improvements in Gas Producers patent, GB-190429541-A: Improvements in the Hulls of Vessels with Wing Floats. patent, GB-190500507-A: Improvements in Valves for Hydraulic Presses. patent, GB-190502000-A: Improvements relating to Hinges for the Wind Shields of Motor Road Vehicles patent, GB-190502787-A: Method of Preparing Diethylmalonylurea. patent, GB-190503680-A: Improvements in or relating to the Production of Bars, Rods, Tubes, Blanks and the like direct from Melted Metal patent, GB-190504714-A: An Improved Apparatus for the Generation and Storage of Acetylene Gas. patent, GB-190506051-A: An Improved Game. patent, GB-190506687-A: Improvements in Safety Devices for Oil and like Lamps. patent, GB-190506813-A: Improvements connected with Power-driven Presses. patent, GB-190507347-A: Improvements in or relating to Sliver Cans. patent, GB-190508560-A: Improvements in Show Stands or Supports for Necklaces, Collars and the like. patent, GB-190509221-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Artificial Marble, Dolomite, and the like patent, GB-190510309-A: Improvements in Artists Paint Boxes. patent, GB-190511103-A: Improvements in Stop Cocks to Control the Passage of Gas & other Fluids to Multiple Outlets. patent, GB-190511418-A: Improved Side Delivery Hay Rake. patent, GB-190511787-A: Submarine Boat with Buoyant Deck. patent, GB-190511848-A: Improved Method of and Apparatus for Regulating Furnace Draught patent, GB-190513566-A: Self-opening Stirrup. patent, GB-190513773-A: Improvements in Shaft Couplings. patent, GB-190513929-A: Improvements in Mould Drying Stoves. patent, GB-190516505-A: An Improved Pleasure Railway. patent, GB-190517353-A: An Improved Yielding Bearing. patent, GB-190519374-A: Improvements relating to Spring-bladed Knives patent, GB-190519670-A: Improvements in Furnaces for Re-heating and like purposes. patent, GB-190519949-A: Improvements connected with Coppers or Boilers patent, GB-190520290-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Photograph Frames and the like. patent, GB-190521193-A: Improvements in and relating to Winches for Derricks and the like. patent, GB-190522262-A: Improvements in Alternating Current Dynamo-electric Machines. patent, GB-190523257-A: Improvements in & relating to Speed Indicators or Alarms for use on Motor Cars, Bicycles, Engines or the like. patent, GB-190523690-A: Improvements in Stone Breaking & Crushing Machines patent, GB-190523713-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Washing and Grading Coal and other Minerals especially applicable to Fine Coal. patent, GB-190526128-A: Improvements in or relating to the Manufacture or Preparation or Treatment of Tubes or the like or Portions thereof Preparatory to Bending or Coiling same. patent, GB-190570-A: Improvements in lamps for lighting steam-generator water gauges and the like patent, GB-190601249-A: Improvements in Tents. patent, GB-190601845-A: Improvements in Bottle Corking Machines. patent, GB-190602032-A: Improvements in Balls Castors patent, GB-190603237-A: An Improved Burner for Liquid Combustible Materials. patent, GB-190604310-A: Improvements in Vehicular and like Lamps patent, GB-190606064-A: Anti-skid Device for Motor and other Vehicles. patent, GB-190607624-A: An Improved Valve for Supplying and Regulating Steam for Sterilising Apparatus. patent, GB-190608757-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Acetone. patent, GB-190609984-A: A Receptacle in which all the Articles therein Deposited are Protected by a Cover and wherefrom any desired Article can be Removed without Raising the Cover. patent, GB-190610670-A: Improvements in Butt-plates for Rifles patent, GB-190610777-A: Improvements in Steam Boilers. patent, GB-190611563-A: Improvements in and connected with the Driving Gear of Motor Vehicles patent, GB-190611955-A: Method of and Apparatus for Measuring Distances applicable for use in Surveying, Range Finding and the like. patent, GB-190612787-A: Improvements in and relating to Station Indicators patent, GB-190614905-A: Improvements in Purses Made of Mail Cloth. patent, GB-190615637-A: Improvements in, and relating to, Carburettors for Internal Combustion Engines. patent, GB-190616776-A: Improved Apparatus for Actuating the Inking Ribbon or Tape in Time-recording, Type-writing or other similar Printing Machines patent, GB-190617391-A: Improvements in Typewriting Machines patent, GB-190617729-A: Improvements in and relating to Garment Supporters and Retainers patent, GB-190617832-A: Improvements in or relating to Packings for Glover and other Towers, Tunnels, and the like, used in Processes for Concentrating Liquids, Absorbing Gases, and like purposes patent, GB-190618248-A: Improvements in Locking Devices for Nuts, Screws, Washers and the like. patent, GB-190619228-A: Improvements in and relating to Pistons for Pumps, Blowers, Compressors and the like. patent, GB-190619775-A: Method of and Apparatus for Measuring Distances applicable for use in Surveying, Range Finding and the like. patent, GB-190619837-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Shoe Lifts or Shoe Horns. patent, GB-190621574-A: Improvements relating to sound Production and Reproduction patent, GB-190622591-A: Improvements in Fishing Jennies. patent, GB-190625219-A: Improvements in or connected with Rotary Pumps. patent, GB-190626954-A: Improved Apparatus for Torrefying or Singeing Threads. patent, GB-190627319-A: Improvements relating to Non-skidding Devices for Vehicle Wheels. patent, GB-190627601-A: An Improvement in Incandescent Arc Lamps. patent, GB-190628851-A: An Improved Appliance or Means for Enabling Doors to be Secured Ajar, applicable also to Windows. patent, GB-190700398-A: Improvements in and relating to Telescopes. patent, GB-190700406-A: Improvements in Chicken-breeding Devices. patent, GB-190700447-A: An Improved Cash Register. patent, GB-190700665-A: Process and Apparatus for Securing the Ready Ignitability and Continuity of Combustion of Fixed Carbon Fuels. patent, GB-190700923-A: Improvements in and relating to Revolving Chimney Tops or Cowls. patent, GB-190701848-A: Improvements in Adjustable Scaffolds. patent, GB-190702348-A: Improvements in Combined Pocket-knives and Pencil-holders. patent, GB-190703613-A: Improvements in Automatic Periodically Operated Electric Switches. patent, GB-190703982-A: Improvements in Vessels for Containing Fused Salts During Electrolysis patent, GB-190704467-A: Improvements in Cycle Saddles patent, GB-190706346-A: Improvements in or relating to Brakes. patent, GB-190706568-A: Improvements in Hedge Clippers, Garden Shears or like Tools. patent, GB-190707700-A: Improvements in or relating to the Reduction of Iron Oxides. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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