Detecting high atomic number materials with cosmic ray muon tomography

Detection de matieres a numero atomique eleve par tomographie par muons de rayons cosmiques


A method is proposed herein to detect high atomic number materials, such as Special Nuclear Materials, within a container based on muon tomography. The container is modeled as a plurality of volume elements. Information related to an initial trajectory and a final trajectory of each muon passing through the container is received. Additionally, a set of initial outer prong vectors and a set of final outer prong vectors are created. Then, a plurality of vector combinations are created from a selected initial vector and a selected final vector. A metric is determined and associated with each vector combination. A subset of the plurality of vector combinations is associated with each volume element and an estimated scattering density is determined and assigned to the volume element. Based on the estimated scattering density assigned to the volume elements, a three dimensional image of the container may be generated.




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