Train control system

Systeme de commande de train


This train control system comprises: an on-board device (1) provided on each train that moves on a railroad track (R), the on-board device including an on-board wireless device (VRS1) capable of wireless communication; fixed wireless devices (WRS1-7, SRS1) that are arranged along the railroad track (R) and that are capable of wireless communication by a time-division multiple access scheme in which the fixed wireless devices are temporally synchronized so as to be able to communicate with the on-board wireless device (VRS1) only in timeslots assigned in advance; and a ground device (2) that calculates the distance from a train (A) to the stop point before the train ahead (B) on the basis of positional information of said train (A) obtained by wireless communication between the on-board wireless device (VRS1) and the fixed wireless devices. On the basis of the distance to said stop point as transmitted from the ground device (2), the on-board device (1) generates a stop pattern from the train (A) on which said on-board device is provided up to said stop point, and performs travel control such that said train (A) travels at a speed slower than or equal to that of the stop pattern.




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