Chopping-grinding mill for directly turning into granules whole or large-sized split objects, and in particular whole worn tyres, and improved feeder for said mill

Broyeur de dechiquetage-broyage pour transformer directement en granules des objets entiers ou divises en morceaux de grande dimension et, en particulier des pneumatiques uses entiers, et alimentateur perfectionne pour ledit broyeur


A chopping-grinding mill for used objects and other waste materials, in particular for motor vehicle tyres, comprises, in a single, compact work unit, a base (1), whereon a vertical-axis rotor (2) is rotatably mounted, said rotor (2) having the shape of a disc carrying a plurality of cutting blades (5, 6) fixed to the uppers surface thereof, to said rotor (2) a coaxial stator (3) being associated, in turn in the shape of a disc carrying a plurality of cutting blades (11, 12) fixed to the lower surface thereof, said stator (3) being mounted in a fixed position above the rotor (2) and at an adjustable distance therefrom, so as to define therewith a grinding chamber. Primary cutting blades (5, 11) extend from the centre to the periphery of said rotor (2) and stator (3) and secondary cutting blades (6, 12) extend only in correspondence of a peripheral crown of the rotor (2) and of the stator (3), while a feeding window (10) of the material to be ground is provided in the stator (3), in the area inside to said peripheral crown. The invention also comprises an automatic feeder for the controlled feeding of the material to be ground to said feeding window (10).




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