Mobile apparatus for comminution lumpy material

Dispositif mobile de broyage d'un materiau en fragments


The invention relates to a mobile apparatus for comminuting lumpy material, especially rock, comprising a chassis (2), a crusher arranged on the chassis (2), a feed device (6), provided on the chassis (2), for the lumpy material to be fed to the crusher (4) and comminuted, a removal conveying device (7) having a sieve device (8) for the material (5) comminuted by the crusher and a return conveying device (9) for returning material held back by the sieve device to the feed device (6). In order to ensure heap separation of comminuted material of different grain sizes despite high crushing throughput, one conveying section (11) of the return conveying device (9) comprising at least two conveying sections (10, 11) is secured to the device (1) by at least one rotational joint (17) such that it can be turned away from the feed device (6).




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