Partially depolymerized glycosaminoglycan silver and gold salts

Sels d'argent et d'or de glycosaminoglycane partiellement depolymerises


It relates to a process for the preparation of partially depolymerized glycosaminoglycan metal salts, wherein the metal is gold or silver, which comprises the steps of: a) depolymerization of a high molecular weight glycosaminoglycan metal salt; wherein the metal is different from gold or silver with a depolymerizing agent selected from the group consisting of potassium permanganate, sodium hydroxide; and hydrogen peroxide; b) bleaching with hydrogen peroxide; and c) metal ion exchange. It also relates to the partially depolymerized glycosaminoglycan gold or silver salts obtainable by said process, to their oral or topical pharmaceutical or cosmetic compositions, to their pharmaceutical uses for the treatment and/or prevention of wounds, scars, burns, microbial infections and inflammatory processes of the skin; and to their cosmetic uses for skin care.




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