Dispositif de postcombustion et moteur d'aeronef

Afterburner and aircraft engine


Provided is an aircraft engine (1) comprising an afterburner (23) that has a flame stabilizer (37). The flame stabilizer (37) maintains the flame resulting from a mixed gas comprising combustion gas and air. The flame stabilizer (37) has a plurality of gutters (39) that generate a flame stabilization area (FA) for the flame on the downstream side of the flame stabilizer (37). Each of the gutters (39) has a V-shaped cross-sectional shape that opens to the downstream side and that comprises: an apex (39a) having a curved shape that includes a stagnation point (P); and flat plate-shaped side surface sections (39b) that are integrally formed on both sides of the apex (39a). At least one through hole (41) is formed only in each side surface section (39b) of each gutter (39).




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