Torque anchor for blocking the rotation of a production string of a well

Ancrage de couple empechant la rotation d'une colonne de production d'un puits


The invention relates to a torque anchor (2) intended to block the rotation of a production string with respect to a casing (12) of a well, the torque anchor comprising a body (4), at least two supports (6, 8) mobile with respect to the body, wheels (22, 24, 26) borne by the supports, the wheels (22, 24, 26) being suitable for running on an inner face of said casing, at least one restraining device (10, 11) suitable for exerting a force on said wheels in order to anchor said wheels in said casing. Each restraining device (10, 11) comprises a set of springs (50) suitable for acting on the set of said supports (6, 8) and a guide (54) capable of guiding said set of springs (50); said guide (54) being borne by said supports (6, 8); said guide (54) being mobile with respect to at least one support.




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