Implementing a dynamic cloud spectrum database as a mechanism for cataloging and controlling spectrum availability

Implementation d'une base de donnees de spectre dynamique de nuage informatique en tant que mecanisme pour cataloguer et commander la disponibilite du spectre


A system and method are provided for implementing a dynamic cloud spectrum database to codify and store information on, and track the use of, spectrum resources made available by primary spectrum holders in an effort to facilitate spectrum management for networks using spectrum allocated through a Dynamic Spectrum Access scheme that allows the primary spectrum holders, or proxies assigned to manage a given allocations of spectrum, to temporarily "rent" access to the spectrum they hold to other entities. Spectrum may be listed in the database defined by a common unit measurement system according to a defined metric for quantifying spectrum. A time-frequency unit or TFU is defined according to a unit of spectrum being available for a specified time, e.g., 1MHz of spectrum being available for use for 1 second at a given location. Spectrum resources negotiated in the disclosed transactions are represented and/or transferred in multiples of TFU's.




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