Appareillage de cone pour colonne destine a introduire une deformabilite entre des composants de reacteur et a minimiser l'ecoulement de contournement du refrigerant du reacteur

Riser cone apparatus to provide compliance between reactor components and minimize reactor coolant bipass flow


A riser cone has a lower end sized to engage a cylindrical lower riser section of a nuclear reactor and an upper end sized to engage a cylindrical upper riser section of the nuclear reactor. The riser cone defines a compression sealing ring that is compressed between the lower riser section and the upper riser section in the assembled nuclear reactor. In some embodiments the riser cone comprises: a lower element defining the lower end of the riser cone; an upper element defining the upper end of the riser cone; and a compliance spring compressed between the lower element and the upper element. In some embodiments the riser cone comprises a frustoconical compression sealing ring accommodating a reduced diameter of the upper riser section as compared with the diameter of the lower riser section.




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