Fauteuil roulant avec un mecanisme d'inclinaison commande par l'utilisateur

Wheelchair with user controlled tilt mechanism


A manual wheelchair having a tilt mechanism that allows a user positioned on the wheelchair to control the tilt angle of the wheelchair seat. The manual wheelchair has a base frame with arm rests that are fixed in position with respect to the base frame. The tilt mechanism includes a controller that is affixed to the manual wheelchair at a location proximate to one of the arm rests within the ready reach of the user and which can be manipulated by the user without assistance from a caregiver to allow the seat of the manual wheelchair to freely pivot about a pivot point such that the user can locate the seat at a desired tilt angle by pushing or pulling on the arm rest. A further manipulation of the controller allows the user to lock the seat in the desired tilt angle and remain in that tilt angle.




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