Zeolite zsm-18, its synthesis and its use

Zeolithe zsm-18, sa synthese et son utilisation


ZSM-18 is synthesized from a mixture comprising water, a source of an oxide of a tetravalent element (Y), a source of an oxide of a trivalent element (X), a source of a first cation Q selected from either butamethonium cations or N,N,N,-trimethyl-N-butylammonium cations and a source of at least one second cation M, wherein the second cation M is selected from lithium, strontium, sodium, tetraalkylammonium and mixtures thereof when the first cation, Q is butamethonium cations, and wherein the second cation M is tetramethylammonium when the first cation Q is N,N,N,-trimethyl-N-butylammonium cations.




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