Juice extraction module for juicer

Module d'extraction de jus pour appareil d'extraction de jus


Disclosed is a juice-extraction module for a juicing apparatus, the module comprising: a container having a juice-discharging port formed therein; a mesh body positioned inside the container; a screw for subjecting ingredients to juice extraction, which is positioned inside the mesh body; a lid coupled to the upper edge of the container and having formed therein a charging part for the charging of ingredients; and a safety cover rotatably provided in a main charging port at the upper edge of the charging part and able to move to a first position and a second position. The safety cover comprises a first cover part which in the first position stands so as to open the main charging port and in the second position closes the main charging port; and a second cover part which is integral with the first cover part and causes the safety cover to move to the second position when a downward force is exerted thereon in the first position, such that the first cover part blocks the main charging port.




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