Improvement in corset and skirt-supporters combined

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  • Publication Date: December 19, 1871
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N0, 122,@31, Patented Dems, 1871. k, TATE'S ATEN'I' Grrrcn. `MARY J. C. VANRSTRAND, OFPEKIN, ILLINOIS.` IMPROVEMENT IN CORSET AND SKIRT--SUPPORTERS COMBINED. Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 122,081, dated December 19, 1871. To all 'whom 'it may concern: Be it known that I, MARY J. C. VAivoRsrnAivD, of the city of Pekin, in the county of Tazewell and State of Illinois, have invented a new and l Improved Corset and Skirt-Supporter; and I do extended spinal supporter D. Fig. 5 is a perspective view ofthe skirt-supporter. Like letters in the different figures of the drawing indicate like parts. My invention relates to adjustable elastic straps for connecting the front and back of the corset, the straps being adjustable in length so that the corset may be made to fit as tightly as the wearer may desire, and yet permit of its yielding freely to the expanding movements ofthe breast, thus `dispensing with the objectionable method of lacing. To enable those skilled in the art to make and use my invention, I will proceed to describe its construction and operation, referring also to other parts which I use, but not deemiug them a part of my invention. A A are the two front sections of the corset, fastened in the usual manner down the edges, where they join with a bone or steel, a a, on either side; on either side of the latter are the bones b d. B is the back of the corset. e f are bones, and at g g are two more, which flank the spinal supporter D. Both iront and back of the corset are supported by the shoulder-braces G (l, fastened to the back of the corset and hooked to the front by the straps and eyes-at la. I connect the front and back of the corset by the adjustable elastic straps i ,i z' on the sides, leaving sufficient space between the edges of the front'and back for a proper play of the straps when the corset is drawn tightly around the body. A sufficient number of these straps are arranged at suitable distances apart from the top to the bottom of the corset, each strap being securely and properly fastened to the edges of the back, and having one or more extra holes in them by which to obtain the required adjustment, and fastened to buttons, hooks, or any suitable device that will hold them properly, and yet not interfere in any way with the body of the dress, or cause any uncomfortable feeling to the wearer. y It is obvious that while the straps will` secure a tight adjustment of the corset, yet their elasticity will permit of its yielding freely to the expanding movements of the chest without causing that uneasy feeling peculiar to lacing. rThe corset may be adjusted in a measure before putting it on by getting the size of the waist, either by l guessing or measuring it, and then pressing and hooking the two front sections together, which, if found to be too tight, can be remedied by changing the straps to diiferent holes. It, of course, will be understood that these straps are adjustable in length across the sides of the'body. C C is a widening of the shoulder-braces, said part being kept extended by the insertion of one. i or more bones or steels. An elastic web, m, connects this extension with the point h of the said shoulder-braces.` D is a strong steel stay or bone, made to conform' to the curveof the spine, passing below the corset and terminating in an outer curve which rests on the hollow in the back above the end ofthe spine, and removable at pleasure, leaving the small bones or stays g g as representatives on'either side of its site. E is the skirtsupporter, made in the form of a half-moon, its outer curve formed by an inclosed whalebone or steel stay, and its inner curve conforming to the corset and waist of the wearer. The ends of this supporter terminate inpoints close to the sides of the waist. Running around said inner curve isa band, o. At either end of the same is fastcned the hooks n u, by which it is attached to the corset at the holes q q.. rlhe operation of this corset and skirt supporter is as follows: The front and back of the corset are adjusted by means of the elastic straps i t', as alreadyexplained, to a comfortable iniiation of The skirt-supporter is medeelslight as possible, the front and back A B of the corset, substanand sustains its horizontal position by' meansof tially as and forrthe Vpurpose set forth. the baud o when hooked by the hooks n u to the In testimony that I claim the foregoing corset holes q q in the corset, and may be dispensed with and skirt-supporter I have hereunto set my hand Y et pleasure. this 30th day of July, A.- D. 1870. Having thus fully described my invention, what MARY J. C. Y VANORSTRAND-- I claim therein as new, and desire to secure by Witnesses: Letters Patent, is- HENRY W. WELLS, The adjustable elastic straps i for connecting JOHN VALENTINE. (80)



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