D. V. TANTLINGER. , Tov. APPLICATION FILED JULY 15. I9I6. I Patented M23 29, 1917. 5 l/VI/E/VTOR 1 WINE/N555, WITNESSES. UNITED STATES PATENT DON V. TANTLINGER, 0F LAWTQN, OKLAHOMA. TOY. Specification of Letters Patent. Patented May 29, 1917. n Application filed July 15, 1916. Serial No. 109,527. To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, DON V. vTniv riansun, a citizen of theUnited States, and a resident of Lawton in the county of Comanche and State of dklahoma, have invented an Improvement in Toys, of which the following: receiving one end of the boomerang and pivoted to a stationary member, said movable member being adapted to be adjusted against the tension of a resilient element so that when released the boomerang will be hurled therefrom withgreat force. Another object is to provide a device of. this character which is simple in construe tion, easy to manufacture, and effective in carrying out the purpose for which it is designed. The inventive idea involved is capable of receiving a variety of mechanical expressions, some of vwhich, for the purpose of illustrating the invention, are shown in the accompanying drawing, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view of one embodiment of the invention. Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view thereof. Fig. 3 is a side elevation of another form of the invention. Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a still further form of the lnvention. Fig. 5 is a similar view of another embodiment. Fig. 6 is a section on the line 6-6 of Fig. 2. What are now believed to be preferred forms of the invention are illustrated in the drawing and by referring to Figs. 1, 2 and 6 thereof it will be seen that the invention comprises a body portion 10 having extending transversely therethrough a shaft 11 having its ends extending beyond said body portion and provided on each end thereof with arms 12 and 13. On the end of the shaft which carries the arm 13 said shaft is provided with a bearing 14. having a notch 15 which receives a stop 16 secured to the body portion whereby the rotary movement of the shaft 11 is limited. Interiorly of the body portion theshaft 11 has coiled thereabout a spring 17 having one end secured to the body portion and the other end to the .shaft so that whenth'e arm 13 is rotated in one direction the tension of the spring about the shaft will be increased and when said arm is released the same will be returned to its normal position, by said spring, with considerable force. The arm 13 is provided, preferably on the inner face thereof, with a socket member 18 I for receiving one end of a boomerang 19 and it will thus be seen that when the arm 13 is drawn rearwardly against the tension of the spring 17 and then released, the boomerang '19 will be ejected from the socket member 18. Referring to Fig. 3 the body 20 is preferably provided with a cut-out portion 21 in whichis mounted one end of a leaf spring 22 the otherend of which engages an arm 23 provided with a socket for receiving a boomerang or other projectile. By drawing the arm 23 rearwardly against the tension of the spring 22 and then releasing the same said arm is returned to normal position, being limited in its return movement by the shoulder 24, and the projectile hurled therefrom. I In Fig. 4 there is shown another form of the invention in which" the body portion or relatively stationary member 25 is provided with an opening 26 forreceiving the thumb of the left hand of "the operator and said body portion is preferably of rectangular formation. To the rear edge of the body portion 25 the same has pivoted at 27, an arm 28 provided at its bottom with a cut-out portion 29 which permits of said arm being drawn rearwardly and away from the body portion. The upper end of the arm 28 is provided with a socket 30 for receiving one end ofa boomerang and embracing the body portion 25 and the arm 28 adjacent the upperends thereof are a number of elastic ,bands 31 against the tension of which the arm 28'is drawn rearwardly. The arm 28 is providedon each side thereof with a grip 32 which is grasped when stretching the bands 31 and when said grips are released the bands return the arm, with considerable force, to its normal position thus ejecting the boomerang from the socket 30. The form of the invention illustrated in Fig. 5 preferably includes a body portion 33 preferably shaped similarly to the handle of a pistol and has pivoted therein an arm 3& provided with a socket 35 for receiving one end of a boomerang. A leaf spring 36 has one end secured to the butt of the body portion and the other end engages said arm 34L so that when drawn rearwardly and then released by means of a trigger 37, sald spring Wlll cause the arm 34 to return to 1ts normal position and eject the boomerang mounted in the body and having one end. projecting through the same, a spring coiled on the shaft within the body for actuating it, an upwardly projecting arm secured to the projecting end of the said shaft and having on one face adjacent the outer end thereof a socket open at the top and adapted to receive a projectile, said arm being adapted to operate the shaft to put the spring under tension and when released to hurl the projectile, and cooperating means on the shaft and: body for limiting the movement of the shaft in one-direction. - 2. A toy of the character described, comprising a hollow body portion, a rotatable transverse shaft mounted in the body with its ends projecting beyond the body, an arm on each projecting end of the shaft, one of the arms projecting upwardly and provided on one face adjacent its outer end with a socket open at the top, a spring coiled upon the shaft and having one end secured to the shaft and the other to the body, and cooperating means on the shaft and body for limiting the movement of said shaft in'one direction. 8. A toy of the character described, comprising a hollow body, a spring actuated shaft mounted in the body and having one end projecting beyond the body, an arm on the prcqectmg end of the shaft and provided with a socket, a notched-bearing on the projecting end of the said shaft and a stop on the body and engaging the notch of the said bearing. DON V. TANTLINGER. lVitnesses JOHN H. THOMAS, O. C. AUBREY. 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